Manual Hospital Bed MCF-HB45


Manual Hospital Bed MCF-HB45

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1)Two manual crank system;
2)Cold steel plate wholly molded
3)P. P head and foot board;
4)Aluminum alloy guadrails;
5)Pedal central-controlled caster brake;
6)Angle of back section: 0 ~ 80° (±5°)
7)Angle of leg section: 0 ~ 40° (±5°)

Quotation Terms:
1. All the above prices are based on the price per pc, some unit/model which is light & small that cannot be purchased 1 pc same as the small price but heavy.
2. Lead time: 5 to 30 working days
3. Payment: T/T In advance
4. Warranty: 6 Months.

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