About Us


Melko Outsourcing Solution Inc. was established in response to the fast growing need of back office solution,
a process backed up with call center expertise with sales and marketing experience that sells.
It started its operation in April 28, 2014.

In April 28, 2015, Melko Outsourcing Solution Inc. was officially registered to
Securities and Exchange Commission with SEC#: CS20150203.

Melko Outsourcing Solution Inc. is an online marketing firm
that offers different kinds of products from household, metal detectors and up to machineries
that will help expedite the work of the community to save time, money and effort.

With 3 branches nationwide, we are backed up with strong and well trained employees
that sell wide range of product lines, mostly high end gadgets, and machineries from different parts of the globe.
Our partners abroad cater our needs and supply the demand for our Filipinos and International clientele.


To be the first Filipino top online marketing and call center platform
that will bring more job to Filipinos nationwide.
And most importantly, to become a well-known brand that will open Filipinos to
online business, sales, and awareness in the comfort of internet usage access at home or at work.


Our mission is to sell sought after valued products from abroad
that is normally cannot be found in the retail stores.
Our mission is to simply sell non-competitive products that will allow
Melko sellers and clientele to be on top of the line.