CJ-240Z Dehumidifier


CJ-240Z Dehumidifier

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A. Our ultrasonic humidifiers are controlled automatically. 

  1. You can set the RH to be 80% for example. When the humidity reaches 80%, our machine will stop working, when the humidity can not reach 80%, our humidifier will start to work automatically. Manual and auto control are both available.
  2. It can be controlled by a timer.  For example, you can set to turn on the machine at 8:00 am and turn off at 5:00 pm.

B. The digital humidity controller can be randomly set from 1%-99%. Its control precision reaches ±5%.

C. The fog diameter is 1-10µm.

D. It is easy to move with 4 universal castors.

E. It is a stainless steel body, nice looking, and long time service life. One year warranty. 

F. With water filter. 


Capacity  24L/Hr
Voltage  220V/50Hz or
Power Input (w) 2400
Air Volume (m³/h)  480m3/hr
Fog Outlet (mm/pc) 110mm*3pcs
Work Temp (℃) 0-40
N.W (kg)  85
G.W (kg)  N.W+15KG 
Use Area (m²)  350-400
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