9ZF-400-24C Series Grass Crusher


9ZF-400-24C Series Grass Crusher

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Straw crusher is used for cutting and crushing the corn straws, bean straws, cotton straws, pasture, many other crop straws, twigs, tea stems, and grape twigs. It is applicable to ranches and specialized feeding households. Compared with other types of feed crusher, the crushing effect will be finer.
  • Dimensions (mm): 850*1350*1440
  • Weight (kg): 70
  • Main shaft speed (r/min): 3100
  • Power (kW): 2.2-3
  • Rotor diameter: 360
  • Hammer blade quantity (pcs): 24
  • Sieve diameter(mm): 3
  • Capacity(kg/h): ≥400-600

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